Scientific and Production Enterprise

We produce innovative foam concrete with improved characteristics in strength, density and shrinkage.

The innovative foam concrete production technology was developed by our company in 2018 as a result of the implementation of a grant from the State Foundation for Innovation Support under the START-1 program (Agreement No. 1841 GS1/26933).


Foam concrete and fiber foam concrete

Foam concrete is a lightweight concrete that has a porous structure due to small closed pores evenly distributed throughout the volume, obtained as a result of natural hardening of a solution consisting of cement, sand, special additives, water and foam (in our case, foam based on a protein foaming agent).

Foam concrete is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly insulation that does not lose its high thermal and sound insulation properties throughout the life of the structure (50-100 years).

Foam concrete, in terms of environmental performance and the comfort it creates in the premises, is comparable to wood, but, unlike wood, it does not burn, does not rot, does not get wet, insects and rodents do not start in it.



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